Epson LQ-2190 Dot Matrix Printer


24-pin 136 column printer
Speed: up to 480 cps (10cpi)
MTBF: 20,000 Power on Hours
USB and Parallel ports
Optional network print server

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Epson LQ-2190 Dot Matrix Printer

High Speed
The 24-pin wide carriage LQ-2190 boosts a high print speed of up to 480 cps (10 cpi) makes it an ideal solution for high volume applications.

Robust and Reliable
With MTBF (mean time between failure) of 20,000 power-on hours and a print head life of 400 million strokes per wire, this extremely robust printer is suitable for medium and large print volumes. Both features guarantee uninterrupted operation and less maintenance, in turn enhancing your productivity and reducing your total cost of ownership.

Versatile Connectivity
With a built-in USB, parallel interface and optional network print server, the LQ-2190 is engineered for versatile connectivity. What’s more, choice of front, rear and bottom paper paths gives you even more control over desk space management.

High Ribbon Yield
With a ribbon life of around 15 million characters, the ribbon replacement intervals are longer which in turn lower running costs and total cost of ownership.

Print Speed:

High Speed Draft:10 cpi: 480 cps
12 cpi: 576 cpsDraft:10 cpi: 360 cps
12 cpi: 432 cps
15 cpi: 540 cps
(Condensed) 17 cpi: 308 cps
(Condensed) 20 cpi: 360 cpsLetter Quality:10 cpi: 120 cps
12 cpi: 144 cps
15 cpi: 180 cps
(Condensed) 17 cpi: 205 cps
(Condensed) 20 cpi: 240 cps

Printing Technology:

Print Method:Impact dot matrixControl Panel:6 switches and 10 LEDs are located on the panelPrint Direction:Bi-direction with logic seekingNumber of Pins in Head:24 pinsControl Code:ESC/P2 and IBM PPDS emulation

MVBF:40 million lines (except print head)MTBF:20,000 Power On Hours (POH) (25% Duty)Printhead Life:400 million strokes/wire




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