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IN05-AIN05-A 4G Fingerprint T&A and Access Control Terminal POE Fingerprint T&A and Access Control Terminal
IN05-A POE Fingerprint T&A and Access Control Terminal Original price was: 18.580 EGP.Current price is: 15.799 EGP.

IN05-A 4G Fingerprint T&A and Access Control Terminal

SKU: IN05-A-4G

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Original price was: 17.490 EGP.Current price is: 14.888 EGP.

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The IN05-A Fingerprint T&A and Access Control Terminal with 4G capability is an advanced version of the standard IN05-A terminal. This enhanced model includes support for 4G communication, providing greater flexibility and connectivity options. Here is an overview of its features and functionalities, including the specific benefits of 4G integration:

Key Features of IN05-A with 4G

  1. Biometric Fingerprint Recognition:

    • High-accuracy fingerprint sensor for reliable identity verification.
    • Fast and efficient fingerprint matching process.
  2. Multiple Verification Methods:

    • Supports fingerprint, RFID card, and PIN code.
    • Multi-factor authentication to enhance security.
  3. Time & Attendance Tracking:

    • Records employee check-in and check-out times accurately.
    • Generates comprehensive attendance reports.
    • Supports various work schedules and shifts.
  4. Access Control:

    • Manages and restricts access to secure areas.
    • Integrates with door lock mechanisms for physical access control.
    • Anti-passback feature to prevent unauthorized entry.
  5. User Capacity:

    • Can store thousands of fingerprint templates and transaction logs.
    • Ideal for small to large enterprises.
  6. Communication Options:

    • 4G Connectivity: Enables data transmission over cellular networks, providing flexibility and reliability even in remote locations.
    • TCP/IP, USB Host, and optionally Wi-Fi for versatile data transfer options.
    • Real-time data transmission to a central server or management software.
  7. Display and Interface:

    • User-friendly interface with a color display for easy navigation.
    • Keypad for PIN entry and menu access.
  8. Software Integration:

    • Compatible with attendance management software for data analysis and payroll processing.
    • Supports data export in various formats (Excel, CSV, etc.).

Benefits of 4G Integration

  • Enhanced Connectivity: 4G support allows the terminal to connect to the internet and transmit data in real-time, even in areas without wired network infrastructure.
  • Remote Access and Management: Administrators can monitor and manage the device remotely, ensuring continuous operation and quick response to any issues.
  • Increased Reliability: Cellular connectivity provides a backup communication channel, ensuring data is always transmitted, even if the primary network fails.
  • Flexibility: Suitable for temporary or mobile installations where wired connectivity is impractical.

Installation and Use

  1. Installation:

    • Mount the terminal at desired entry/exit points.
    • Insert a 4G SIM card and configure network settings.
    • Optionally integrate with door lock systems for access control.
  2. Enrollment:

    • Register employee fingerprints, cards, and/or PIN codes.
    • Assign access permissions and work schedules through the management software.
  3. Operation:

    • Employees use their registered fingerprints, cards, or PINs to check in and out.
    • Monitor and manage attendance and access records in real-time via 4G connectivity.
  4. Maintenance:

    • Regular firmware and software updates ensure optimal performance.
    • Periodic cleaning of the fingerprint sensor maintains accuracy.


The IN05-A with 4G capability offers a robust solution for both attendance tracking and access control, particularly benefiting organizations requiring reliable, real-time data transmission in diverse locations. Its advanced features and enhanced connectivity options make it a versatile tool for improving security and efficiency in the workplace.









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