Mercury UPS-ELITE 650 VA Pro


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Mercury 650VA Line Interactive UPS


Input voltage        220VAC
Input frequency        50Hz
Input phase        Single phase
Input socket        With Fuse
Cold Start (0 to 100% load)        Press the ON/OFF switch
Input range (220V)        140V-300V
Rating output (VA).        650VA
Rating output (W).        390W
Rating output (W).        Battery mode(simulated sine wave),
Power factor        0.6
Rating voltage        220V
Output range        220Vac-7% 15% ( in battary mode )
Rear Output Socket        2xUniversal – Battery backup
Transfer time        TYPICAL 4-8 ms
Communication Interface        NIL
Rating frequency        50Hz
Output Frequency Line-mode        Synchronize with the Utility
Battery mode        50 Hz±1Hz
Output Frequency Line Mode        Synchronize with the utility
Short Circuit Protection Line Mode        FUSE & firmware protection
Battery Mode        Software protection controlled by firmware
Overload Protection Line Mode        110% -5% (Go to fault mode after 5 minutes),
Battery Mode        110% -5% (Shutdown after 5 minutes)
Rating frequency        12V/8.2AH x 1
Backup Tim – Typical        10mins to 18mins
Charge Current        About 1A at normal mode
Over Charge Protection        14.5V /- 0.2V stop charging
Weight        5.6kg /- 0.3Kg
Dimension        390x 145 x 220 (mm)
Master Carton        45.5 x 40 x 23.5 (cm) (4pcs)


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