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The AD-605F is a model number typically associated with biometric access control and time attendance devices. Here's a general overview of the features and functionalities that are commonly found in devices with this model number:

  1. Biometric Authentication: The AD-605F likely supports biometric authentication methods such as fingerprint recognition and/or facial recognition. These technologies allow for secure and convenient access control by verifying individuals' identities based on unique biometric characteristics.

  2. Large Capacity: The device likely has a large capacity for storing biometric templates and user data. This capacity enables it to manage access for a substantial number of users, making it suitable for medium to large-scale deployments.

  3. Access Control: The AD-605F may integrate with access control systems to regulate entry to secured areas. It can enforce access policies, control door locks or turnstiles, and provide audit trails of entry and exit events.

  4. Time Attendance Tracking: In addition to access control, the device likely serves as a time attendance solution. It records employees' clock-in and clock-out times, tracks work hours, and generates attendance reports for payroll processing and workforce management.

  5. User-Friendly Interface: The device probably features an intuitive user interface, possibly including a touchscreen display or keypad, to facilitate easy enrollment of users, configuration of settings, and generation of reports.

  6. Connectivity Options: The AD-605F may offer various connectivity options such as Ethernet, Wi-Fi, and USB, allowing for seamless integration with existing network infrastructure and enabling data transfer and management.

  7. Advanced Security Features: To ensure data integrity and protection, the device likely includes advanced security features such as encrypted communication protocols, data encryption, and tamper detection mechanisms.

  8. Power Supply: The device may operate on standard electrical power or feature backup power options such as battery backup to ensure continuous operation during power outages.

Overall, the AD-605F represents a comprehensive solution for biometric access control and time attendance management, offering advanced features, scalability, and ease of use for businesses and organizations. Specific features and functionalities may vary depending on the manufacturer and model



  • 5000 Face Capacity
  •  5000 Card Capacity
  •  10000 Fingerprint Capacity Record Capacity 500.000
  • Communication: TCP\IP-USB-WIFI
  • Recognition Distance 0.5-2.5 Meters
  •  Live Face Detection
  •  4.3-inch Touch Screen
  • Access Control
  • Photo Capture
  • QR code Reading
  • Mask Detection
  •  Free Cloud
  • Face – recognition Speed: < 0.2 S









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