​APC SRV3KIL Easy UPS ON-LINE SRV-3000VA-(long range)

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Easy UPS ON-LINESRV-3000VA-(long range)

The APC SRV3KIL Easy UPS On-Line, with a capacity of 3kVA/2400W, in a tower configuration, operates at 230V and features 6x IEC C13 outlets, 1x IEC C19 outlet, an Intelligent Card Slot, LCD, and extended runtime. This high-grade, double-conversion On-Line UPS is specifically crafted to provide reliable power protection, ensuring stability even in challenging power environments.

 APC Easy UPS On-Line 3kVA/2400W Overview:

APC's Easy UPS On-Line, 3kVA/2400W, Tower model (SRV3KIL) stands as a stalwart in power protection, ensuring uninterrupted energy supply in even the most precarious conditions. Boasting a robust design and double-conversion technology, this UPS provides essential power protection for critical applications. In this comprehensive overview, we delve into its key features, operational benefits, and technical specifications.

 Robust Power Capacity and Output Connectivity:

With an impressive output power capacity of 2.4kWatts/3.0kVA, the APC SRV3KIL is equipped to handle demanding power loads. Its output connections include 6 IEC C13 and 1 IEC C19 outlets, ensuring versatile compatibility with various devices. The unit operates at a nominal output voltage of 230V, providing stable and reliable power to connected equipment.

 Intelligent Features for Optimal Performance:

The Easy UPS On-Line incorporates intelligent features that elevate its performance. The Automatic Internal Bypass ensures a swift and reliable transfer to and from bypass, even for loads up to 125% of the nominal capacity. Additionally, the UPS automatically restarts connected equipment upon the return of utility power, minimizing downtime.

Efficiency and Customization with ECO Mode and Intelligent Card Slot:

The UPS introduces an ECO Mode, optimizing efficiency by bypassing unused electrical components in favorable power conditions without compromising protection. Moreover, the Intelligent Card Slot allows users to customize UPS capabilities using management cards, tailoring the unit to specific needs.

 Advanced Battery Management for Reliability:

The APC SRV3KIL employs intelligent battery management to maximize battery performance, extend life, and enhance reliability through precision charging. This ensures that the uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) is always ready to provide backup power when needed. The unit's RoHS compliance underscores its commitment to environmental sustainability.

 User-Friendly Interface and Management Options:

Featuring an LCD graphics display, the uninterruptible power supply (UPS) provides a clear interface with text and mimic diagrams. This enables users to easily monitor modes of operation, system parameters, and alarms. With serial and USB connectivity options, the UPS offers versatile management capabilities, allowing users to control and monitor the unit effortlessly.

 Comprehensive Safety and Certification:

The Easy UPS On-Line is safety-agency approved, assuring users that it has undergone rigorous testing for safe operation with connected service provider equipment. It incorporates a pure sine wave output on battery, ensuring compatibility with power factor corrected servers and sensitive electronics.

 Global Reach and Distribution:

This APC UPS has a wide distribution network, serving various countries including the United Arab Emirates, Australia, Germany, South Korea, and many more. Its global presence ensures businesses and users worldwide have access to reliable power protection solutions.

 Technical Specifications and Performance Metrics:

Delving into the technical aspects, the APC UPS offers a configurable output voltage, high efficiency rates, and a double conversion online topology. With a lead-acid battery type and efficient recharge times, the unit provides reliable power backup with minimal downtime. The UPS is equipped with communication interfaces, surge protection, and physical dimensions suitable for versatile deployment scenarios.

 Environmental Considerations and Conformance:

Considering environmental factors, the UPS operates within a specified temperature and humidity range, ensuring reliability in diverse conditions. It adheres to international standards, boasting certifications such as CE, EAC, TISI, and UKCA, providing users with confidence in its performance and safety. The product's sustainable status is further highlighted by its RoHS compliance.

Brand :APC
U.P.S Specifications
Part Number:SRV3KIL
rated voltage:3000VA
425 X425 X336 mm
Weight (kg)
2 Years Replacement









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