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Dalton Smart Line Interactive UPS SM10 (1200VA)
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Dalton Smart Line Interactive UPS SM10 (600VA)


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The Dalton Smart Line Interactive UPS SM10 Series (600-3000VA) is designed to provide reliable power backup and protection for various electronic devices. Here are the detailed features and specifications based on your description:

Dalton Smart Line Interactive UPS SM10 Series (600-3000VA)

Key Features

  1. Fully Intelligent Line-Interactive UPS with VI Technology

    • This ensures continuous power supply and voltage regulation, making it suitable for protecting sensitive electronic equipment.
  2. Simulated Sinewave Output

    • Provides reliable power suitable for most electronic devices and home appliances.
  3. AVR Buck and Boost Technology

    • Automatic Voltage Regulation (AVR) stabilizes voltage fluctuations, protecting equipment and extending battery life.
  4. LCD Graphical Display

    • Easy and accurate monitoring of UPS status, including input/output voltage, battery status, and load level.
  5. Double Protection for Overload/Short Circuit

    • Ensures safety by providing comprehensive protection against overload and short circuits.
  6. Smart Communications

    • USB and RJ-11/45 ports for connectivity.
    • Interface cables and monitoring software included for seamless management.
  7. Cold Start Function with Auto-Restart Facility

    • Allows the UPS to start without mains power and automatically restart when AC power returns.
  8. Microprocessor-Based Design

    • Enhances the reliability and efficiency of the UPS operation.
  9. Compact Design

    • Space-saving design suitable for home and office environments.
  10. UPS Auto-On When AC Returns

    • Automatically turns the UPS back on when AC power is restored.
  11. Off-Mode Charging

    • Charges the battery even when the UPS is turned off, ensuring readiness for the next power outage.
  12. Compatibility with Multiple Operating Systems

    • Works with Windows, Linux, SCO UNIX, and DOS, making it versatile for different IT environments.
  13. Intelligent Battery Management and Fast Charging

    • Optimizes battery performance and reduces charging time.


ModelSM 600
Rated Power600 VA / 360 W
Input Voltage Range100 / 110 / 120 V: 80 ~ 150 Vac
 220 / 230 / 240 V: 162 ~ 295 Vac (145 ~ 295 Vac optional)
Input Frequency50 Hz / 60 Hz (auto-sense), 50 Hz / 60 Hz ± 5% ~ 10%
Output Voltage Range100 / 110 / 120 Vac ± 10%
 220 / 230 / 240 Vac ± 10%
Output Frequency50 / 60 Hz ± 1% (auto-sensing)
WaveformSimulated sinewave
Efficiency (Inverter)Max. 75%
Generator ConnectionAvailable (generator input power is settable)
Transfer TimeTypical 2 ~ 7 ms
Battery Configuration12 V / 7 Ah
Battery Charging Time8 hrs to fully charged / 6 hrs to 90% charged
Battery Charging Current1 A
Rated DC Voltage12V
Total Harmonic Distortion≤ 5% (resistive load)
Short Circuit ProtectionAuto protection, output shuts off, continuous buzzer
Overload Protection110% for 60s, 125% for 10s, 150% for 5s (shut down directly)
General ProtectionsOverload, short circuit (inverter), battery low voltage, battery overcharge, over temperature
Operating Temperature0°C ~ 40°C
Operating Humidity0-90% RH @ 0-40°C (non-condensing)
Noise Level≤ 35dB (1m from front panel)
Output SocketIEC or Schuko*
Communication PortsUSB & RJ45 (standard), dry contacts / SNMP (optional)
Network ProtectionRJ45/11 surge protector
Dimensions (W × D × H)100 × 290 × 140 mm
Net Weight5 kg









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