Schneider SRVS10KIL Easy UPS 1Ph on-line SRVS 10000 with external battery

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Schneider SRVS10KIL

Easy UPS 1Ph on-line SRVS 10000 with external battery

The Easy UPS 1 Ph On-Line is a power protection solution that is perfectly suited for small to medium businesses. It provides reliable connectivity, even when confronted with unpredictable power conditions, ensuring a consistent and uninterrupted power supply during crucial moments. This solution offers the essential support that businesses require to maintain their operations effectively.

The Schneider SRVS10KIL Easy UPS 1Ph on-line SRVS 10000, accompanied by an external battery, is a highly reliable power protection solution meticulously designed to cater to the needs of small to medium businesses. It guarantees a continuous power supply, even in the midst of unpredictable power situations, delivering the necessary support for businesses to sustain uninterrupted connectivity.


Ups SRVS 10000VA/10000W 230V Ups

Schneider Electric Easy UPS 1Ph Online 1kVA

Schneider Electric introduces a new range of UPSs specifically designed to meet the essential power protection requirements of small to medium businesses, even in highly unstable power conditions. The Schneider Easy UPS 1 Ph Online is a versatile and high-quality UPS solution that offers cost competitiveness, capable of efficiently managing a wide voltage range and fluctuating power conditions.

Double-conversion online topology:

It guarantees the provision of clean and uninterrupted power to all your connected devices.

Easy to read LCD Display:

The interface of the UPS is intuitive and user-friendly, providing detailed and accurate information about its status. Additionally, it offers the convenience of local configuration for easy setup and customization.

Wide Input voltage range:

The UPS is equipped with a wide input range, allowing it to effectively handle unstable power conditions. It not only minimizes the time required for the transition to battery power but also optimizes the battery lifespan, ensuring long-term reliability.

Eco Mode:

The Schneider UPS incorporates an Eco Mode feature that bypasses unused electrical components when stable power conditions are detected. This intelligent design ensures exceptional operational efficiency without compromising the level of protection provided.

High power factor:

The UPS provides a higher wattage of real power with a power factor of 0.8, meeting or surpassing the industry standard requirements.




10000VA / 10000W Ups

230V Input Voltage

230V Output Voltage

Up to 10 Years battery life

2 Year warranty included battery









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