IN05-AIN05-A 4G Fingerprint T&A and Access Control Terminal POE Fingerprint T&A and Access Control Terminal
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ZKTeco ZK-UFace402 Plus Fingerprint Attendance and Departure Device
ZKTeco ZK-UFace402 Plus Fingerprint Attendance and Departure Device Original price was: 22.980 EGP.Current price is: 19.533 EGP.

ZKTeco ZK-UFace402 Fingerprint Attendance and Departure Device

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The uFace 402 is a multi-biometric Time & Attendance (T&A) and Access Control terminal, offering advanced features for enhanced security and efficiency in managing workforce attendance and access control. It integrates multiple verification methods, including facial recognition, fingerprint, RFID cards, and PIN codes, providing versatile and secure authentication options.

Key Features of uFace 402

  1. Multi-Biometric Verification:

    • Facial Recognition: Uses an infrared camera for accurate facial recognition even in varying lighting conditions.
    • Fingerprint Recognition: High-precision optical sensor for reliable fingerprint authentication.
    • RFID Cards: Supports RFID card reading for an additional verification method.
    • PIN Codes: Keypad entry for PIN code verification.
  2. Time & Attendance Tracking:

    • Efficiently records employee check-in and check-out times.
    • Supports multiple work schedules, shifts, and attendance policies.
    • Generates comprehensive attendance reports for payroll and HR management.
  3. Access Control:

    • Controls access to secured areas by integrating with electronic door locks.
    • Anti-passback feature to prevent unauthorized re-entry.
    • Real-time monitoring and logging of access events.
  4. User Capacity:

    • Stores up to 1,200 face templates.
    • Can handle 2,000 fingerprint templates and up to 10,000 card entries.
    • Capable of storing 100,000 transaction logs.
  5. Communication Options:

    • TCP/IP: For network connectivity and real-time data transfer.
    • USB Host: For manual data transfer via USB drive.
    • Wi-Fi (Optional): Wireless connectivity option for flexible installation.
  6. Display and Interface:

    • 4.3-inch TFT touch screen for a user-friendly interface.
    • Intuitive menu navigation and interaction.
  7. Advanced Functions:

    • Dual Cameras: Ensures accurate face recognition under different lighting conditions.
    • Voice Prompts: Provides audible feedback during operation.
    • Access Logs: Detailed logging of all access events for security auditing.


  • Enhanced Security: Multi-biometric verification methods ensure high security and reduce the risk of fraud.
  • Accuracy and Reliability: Advanced facial and fingerprint recognition technologies provide precise and reliable authentication.
  • User-Friendly: Easy-to-use touch screen interface and straightforward menu options.
  • Scalability: Suitable for organizations of various sizes, with the ability to manage large numbers of users and transactions.
  • Real-Time Monitoring: Network connectivity options enable real-time data transfer and remote monitoring.

Installation and Use

  1. Installation:

    • Mount the uFace 402 at entry/exit points where access control is required.
    • Connect to the network via TCP/IP or configure Wi-Fi settings for wireless use.
    • Integrate with door lock systems if using for access control.
  2. Enrollment:

    • Register users by capturing face templates, fingerprints, RFID cards, and/or PIN codes.
    • Assign access permissions and work schedules through the management software.
  3. Operation:

    • Users authenticate by presenting their face, fingerprint, RFID card, or entering a PIN code.
    • The terminal records attendance and controls access as configured.
  4. Maintenance:

    • Regularly update firmware and management software.
    • Clean sensors and cameras to maintain accuracy.


The uFace 402 is a versatile and advanced terminal for time & attendance tracking and access control, leveraging multiple biometric verification methods to enhance security and efficiency. Its user-friendly interface, extensive user capacity, and real-time monitoring capabilities make it a valuable tool for organizations aiming to streamline their workforce management and secure their facilities.









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