CASHDRWAER-8K-5P Stainless Face

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  • DURABILITY: This commercial POS standard-duty cash drawer is made of steel for strength and durability. The cash drawer has roller bearings to allow the drawer to slide open and shut. The Vasario Series cash drawer is tested to withstand at least 1 million transactions.
  • INTERFACE: Equipped with APG’s MultiPRO 320 interface that is compatible with all 24V printer driven POS systems. Please note a connection cable is not included with purchase.
  • DESIGN: The all-black drawer comes with a plastic till that has five bill compartments and five coin compartments for organizing money by denomination. Finished with two media slots for inserting checks, credit card receipts, or other transaction papers. Compatible with multiple forms of currencies.
  • LOCK SYSTEM: A latch releases the drawer when opened and keeps it securely shut when closed. The four-function lock on the drawer has functions to lock the drawer closed, lock open, open electronically using a MultiPro connected host device, or open manually.
  • DIMENSIONS: The APG VB320-BL1616 Vasario Series standard-duty black painted-front cash drawer measures at 16.2" x 16.3" x 4.3". When placed on a counter the drawer is large enough to support a monitor, tablet, receipt printer, or other point-of-sale devices.


  1. 8K: This could refer to the cash drawer's capacity, possibly indicating that it can hold up to 8,000 currency notes or an equivalent value. Alternatively, it might denote a model number or series.

  2. 5P: This might indicate that the cash drawer has five compartments or sections for organizing different denominations of currency or coins.

  3. Stainless Face: This suggests that the front panel or face of the cash drawer is made of stainless steel, a durable and often preferred material for such applications due to its resistance to corrosion and wear.

Cash drawers are commonly used in retail and hospitality environments to securely store cash during transactions. The specifications you've provided seem to indicate a robust and potentially high-capacity cash drawer suitable for demanding business settings.



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