Dalton Smart Line Interactive UPS U10 (1kVA)
Dalton Smart Line Interactive UPS U10 (2kVA) Original price was: 24.000 EGP.Current price is: 22.499 EGP.
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Dalton Smart Line Interactive UPS U10 (3kVA)

SKU: U10-2K-1

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Original price was: 24.000 EGP.Current price is: 22.499 EGP.

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Dalton Smart Line Interactive UPS U10 (3kVA)



The Dalton Smart Line Interactive UPS U10 3kVA is a robust power backup solution designed to provide reliable protection for critical electronic equipment. Here's a comprehensive overview of its key features:

  • Capacity: Offering a power capacity of 3kVA (3000VA), this UPS ensures ample backup power for essential devices such as servers, networking equipment, and other sensitive electronics.

  • Input System: Operates on a single-phase input system with earth ground, ensuring compatibility with standard power sources.

  • Voltage Regulation: Maintains stable output voltage within a specified range, safeguarding connected devices from voltage fluctuations. The input voltage range spans from (120±5)VAC to (274±5)VAC.

  • Output System: Delivers reliable power through a single-phase output system with earth ground.

  • Output Voltage: Offers rated voltage options including 200V, 208V, 220V, 230V, and 240V, catering to diverse equipment requirements.

  • Output Waveform: Generates a pure sine wave output, ensuring compatibility with sensitive electronic equipment that demands clean and stable power.

  • Efficiency: Boasts high efficiency, exceeding 95%, which optimizes power usage and reduces energy costs.

  • Inverter Overload Capacity: Capable of handling overloads ranging from 100% ± 5% to 125% ± 5%, with seamless transfer protocols to ensure uninterrupted operation under varying load conditions.

  • Transfer Time: Provides minimal transfer time between normal mode and battery mode, guaranteeing uninterrupted power supply during transition periods.

  • Display and Interface: Equipped with an LCD display for real-time monitoring of AC/DC voltages, kVA/kW, frequency, temperature, battery, and load levels. LED status indicators offer quick visual cues for power status and system health.

  • Communication and Control: Features external communication ports such as RS232/RJ11 and an optional intelligent slot for enhanced connectivity and control. Additionally, control push buttons facilitate powering on/off and accessing additional functions.

  • Battery Backup: Supported by sealed maintenance-free lead-acid batteries, the UPS ensures reliable backup power during outages. It features a battery voltage of 96VDC and a charge current of 1A.

  • Optional Features: Compatible with optional accessories such as SNMP cards, USB cards, dry contact AS400 cards, CMC cards, RS485 cards, and EMD monitoring devices, allowing for customizability and integration with existing systems.

  • Compact Design: With dimensions of 425×190×328 mm and a weight of 10 kg, the UPS features a compact and space-saving design, suitable for various installation environments.


Dalton Smart Line Interactive UPS U10 (3kVA)





Input SystemSingle phase & earth ground
Voltage Range(120±5)VAC~(274±5)VAC
Power Factor≥0.99
Voltage Range of Bypass(60±5)VAC~(300±5)VAC (default: 80VAC~264VAC)
Output SystemSingle phase & earth ground
Rated Voltage200V/208V/220V/230V/240V
Power Factor1
Voltage Precision±1%
Voltage Distortion≤ 2% at linear load
Output WaveformPure Sine Wave
Output FrequencyNormal Mode: Synchronizes with input frequency (46Hz~54Hz) / Battery Mode: 50Hz
Inverter Overload Capacity100% ± 5% < Load ≤ 105% ± 5% (Overload warning only) / 105% ± 5% < Load < 125% ± 5% (10s transfer to bypass) / Load > 125% ± 5% (300ms transfer to bypass)
Transfer Time0ms (Normal mode←→Battery mode) / <4ms (Normal mode←→Bypass mode)
Crest Factor0.125694444444444
Display/InterfaceLCD Display: AC/DC voltages
kVA/kW; Frequency
Battery & load level / LED Status Indicator: Utility power
Battery discharge
Inverter On
External CommunicationRS232/RJ11/Optional Intelligent Slot
Control3 control push button for POWER ON / POWER OFF / FUNCTION KEY
Communication SoftwareWindows XP/2003 and later version; Linux; Unix
OptionalSNMP Card/USB Card/Dry Contact AS400 Card/CMC Card/RS485 Card/EMD Monitoring Device
Batteries Voltage96VDC
Battery TypeSealed maintenance-free lead-acid battery
Backup Time (25°C)None
Battery Quantity4
Charge Current1A
LWH (mm)425×190×328
Weight (kg)10









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