Online high frequency MQ series UPS MQ1K 1000VA/ 800W

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Online high frequency MQ series UPS MQ1K 1000VA/ 800W

The MQ1K is a model from the MQ series of online high-frequency UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply). Below are the specifications for this UPS model:

  1. Model: MQ1K
  2. Capacity: 1000 VA / 800 W
  3. Topology: Online Double Conversion
  4. Input Voltage: 380/400/415VAC (Three-phase)
  5. Output Voltage: 380/400/415VAC (Three-phase)
  6. Frequency: 50/60 Hz
  7. Efficiency: Up to 93%
  8. Display: LCD Display
  9. Communication Ports: RS232, RS485, SNMP, USB
  10. Battery Type: Typically Sealed Lead Acid (but may vary depending on manufacturer)
  11. Backup Time: Depends on the load and battery capacity
  12. Features: Automatic bypass, Cold start function, Generator compatibility, etc.

As with the other models in the MQ series, the specific brand associated with the MQ1K UPS may depend on the manufacturer or supplier. The "MQ" series serves as a product line designation, and the brand name could be mentioned elsewhere in the product documentation, packaging, or on the device itself

Wide input frequency range, adjustable from 40-70HZ

Output short circuit protection and overload protection

Full-time lightning protection, noise and surge protection

The LCD screen is to display the status parameters at a glance

The RS232 communication interface is applied

Super filter function, easy to solve the interference

Can be equipped with the power monitoring software "Electronic Management Expert" to enable UPS network and remote monitoring

Various common technical parameters can be set on the panel

Double-sided circuit board design with higher safety and reliability

Departmental servers



Small medical devices

Small precision electronic instruments




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