UNITECH ASG1000 Online 1k va /0.9 kw UPS

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online 1k VA /0.9 kw UPS

The ASG 1000 is an online UPS (uninterruptible power supply) that provides reliable backup power in case of electrical outages or fluctuations. It has a capacity of 1k VA (volt-ampere) or 0.9 kW (kilowatt), which means it can support devices with a total power consumption of up to 900 watts.

The power factor (PF) of the ASG 1000 is 0.9, which indicates its efficiency in converting electrical power into useful work. A power factor of 0.9 is considered high and indicates that the uninterruptible power supply (UPS) can deliver power efficiently to connected devices.

Being an online UPS, the ASG 1000 continuously filters and regulates the incoming power from the utility grid, providing clean and stable power to connected equipment. It features a double conversion topology, where incoming AC power is first converted to DC and then reconverted to AC to provide a consistent output voltage and frequency.

The ASG 1000 uninterruptible power supply (UPS) is designed to protect sensitive electronic equipment, such as computers, servers, networking devices, and other critical systems, from power disturbances, including blackouts, voltage sags, surges, and frequency variations. It offers seamless, instantaneous switchover to battery power during power failures, ensuring uninterrupted operation of connected devices.

LCD Display: Provides real-time monitoring of UPS UNITECH status, battery charge level, input/output voltage and frequency, load level, and other important parameters.

Efficient Power Delivery with a Power Factor of 0.9:

Battery Backup: It comes with an internal battery that provides power during outages. The backup time depends on the load connected to the UPS.

Continuous Power Protection with Online UPS Technology:

Surge Protection: Protects connected devices from voltage spikes and transient surges.

Additional Features and Benefits of the ASG 1000:

Automatic Voltage Regulation (AVR): Stabilizes the output voltage by automatically adjusting it to compensate for voltage fluctuations within a certain range.

Conclusion and Disclaimer:

Audible Alarms: Notifies users of various UPS status conditions, such as low battery, overload, or fault alerts.

Communication Ports: Allows for remote monitoring and management of the UPS UNITECH through software applications or network connectivity.

Multiple Output Sockets: Provides flexibility in connecting various devices to the UPS UNITECH.

U.P.S Specifications
Part Number:asg1000-0
U.P.S Configuration
Rating (VA/Watts):
1kva/0.9kw ,pf0.9
Battery quantity
inside 2 pcs 9ah battery
Warranty:1 year warranty









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