Dalton Smart Line Interactive UPS SM10 (1200VA)
Dalton Smart Line Interactive UPS SM10 (3000VA) Original price was: 15.500 EGP.Current price is: 14.375 EGP.
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Dalton Smart Line Interactive UPS U10 (1kVA)
Dalton Smart Line Interactive UPS U10 (2kVA) Original price was: 24.000 EGP.Current price is: 22.499 EGP.

Dalton Smart Line Interactive UPS U10 (1kVA)

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Original price was: 14.500 EGP.Current price is: 13.750 EGP.

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Dalton Smart Line Interactive UPS U10 (1kVA)

is a reliable and efficient uninterruptible power supply (UPS) designed to provide backup power and protection for critical electronic devices. With its compact design and advanced features, it ensures uninterrupted operation of sensitive equipment in home and small office environments.

Key Features:

  1. Capacity: 1kVA: Offers sufficient power backup for essential electronic devices such as computers, networking equipment, and small servers.

  2. Input Voltage Range: Supports various input voltage levels, ensuring compatibility with different power sources.

  3. Output Voltage Regulation: Maintains stable output voltage within specified limits, protecting connected equipment from voltage fluctuations.

  4. Output Frequency: Automatically adjusts output frequency for compatibility with different power systems.

  5. Waveform: Generates a simulated sine wave, suitable for most electronic devices, ensuring compatibility and reliability.

  6. Efficiency: High efficiency ensures optimal power utilization and reduces energy waste.

  7. Battery Backup: Equipped with internal batteries, providing backup power during outages.

  8. Battery Charging: Supports efficient battery charging for quick recovery after power loss.

  9. Protection Features:

    • Short Circuit Protection: Automatically shuts off output in case of a short circuit, with continuous buzzer alert.
    • Overload Protection: Protects against excessive loads, ensuring safe operation of the UPS and connected devices.
    • Battery Management: Guards against low voltage, overcharge, and over-temperature conditions, ensuring battery longevity.
  10. Communication and Connectivity:

    • USB & RJ45 Ports: Facilitate easy monitoring and management of the UPS.
    • Optional SNMP Support: Enables integration with network management systems for remote monitoring and control.
  11. Operating Environment: Designed to operate efficiently within specified temperature and humidity ranges.

  12. Compact Design: The UPS features a compact and space-saving design, suitable for installation in various environments.

Dalton Smart Line Interactive UPS U10 (1kVA)



Input SystemSingle phase & earth ground
Voltage Range(90±5)VAC~ (300±5)VAC
Power Factor≥0.99
Voltage Range of Bypass(80±5)VAC~ (286±5)VAC (default: 80VAC~264VAC)
Output SystemSingle phase & earth ground
Rated Voltage200V/208V/220V/230V/240V
Power Factor1
Voltage Precision±2%
Voltage Distortion≤ 3% at linear load
Output WaveformPure Sine Wave
Output FrequencyNormal Mode: Synchronizes with input frequency (46Hz~54Hz) / Battery Mode: 50Hz
Inverter Overload Capacity100% ± 5% < Load ≤ 105% ± 5% (Overload warning only)
105% ± 5% < Load < 125% ± 5% (10s transfer to bypass) / Load > 125% ± 5% (300ms transfer to bypass)
Transfer Time0ms (Normal mode←→Battery mode) / <4ms (Normal mode←→Bypass mode)
Crest Factor0.125694444444444
Display/InterfaceLCD Display: AC/DC voltages
Battery & load level / LED Status Indicator: Utility power; Battery discharge; Inverter On
External CommunicationRS232/RJ11/Optional Intelligent Slot
Control3 control push button for POWER ON / POWER OFF / FUNCTION KEY
Communication SoftwareWindows XP/2003 and later version; Linux; Unix
OptionalSNMP Card/USB Card/Dry Contact AS400 Card/CMC Card/RS485 Card/EMD Monitoring Device
Batteries Voltage36VDC
Battery TypeSealed maintenance-free lead-acid battery
Backup Time (25°C)Full load ≥ 5min (Standard)
Battery Quantity2
Charge Current1A
LWH (mm)350×144×230
Weight (kg)11.5









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