Hood Computer Gaming Case without PUS Black – C 303 H

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Hood Computer Gaming Case without PUS Black - C 303 H


The "Hood Computer Gaming Case Without PSU, Black - C303H" is likely another variation of a gaming-oriented computer case. Here are some features you might expect from it:

  1. Design: Similar to other gaming cases, the design may feature a sleek and modern aesthetic, possibly with aggressive angles and styling elements.

  2. Form Factor: It should support standard motherboard form factors like ATX, Micro-ATX, or Mini-ITX.

  3. Size: The dimensions of the case determine its overall footprint and internal space. It's likely to offer sufficient room for high-performance components and adequate airflow.

  4. Construction: It's probably made of durable materials such as steel or aluminum to provide structural stability and support for heavy components.

  5. Cooling Options: Gaming cases typically come with multiple fan mounts and support for liquid cooling solutions to maintain optimal temperatures during gaming sessions.

  6. Expansion Slots: Expect multiple expansion slots for graphics cards, additional storage drives, and other expansion cards.

  7. Front Panel Connectivity: Look for USB ports, audio jacks, and other ports on the front panel for easy access to peripherals.

  8. RGB Lighting: Some gaming cases come with built-in RGB lighting systems for added visual flair. However, this feature might not be explicitly mentioned in the description, so you should check if it includes any lighting features.

  9. Compatibility: Ensure compatibility with your components, including the motherboard, graphics card, cooling solution, and storage drives.

  10. PSU Compatibility: Like the previous case, this one also does not include a power supply unit (PSU). You'll need to separately purchase and install a compatible PSU based on your power requirements and system configuration.

When considering the "Hood Computer Gaming Case Without PSU, Black - C303H," evaluate these features along with your specific gaming setup needs and budget to ensure it meets your requirements.



  • Brand Hood
  • Hardware Type Computer Case
  • Compatible With PC
  • Model Number C 303 H
  • SKU 6973574166912-Porsh










Video Card

Graphic Card



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