Hood Computer Gaming Case Without PUS Black – C 404 H

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The "Hood Computer Gaming Case Without PSU, Black - C404H" is a computer case designed specifically for gaming setups. Here are some key features of this case:

  1. Design: The case likely has a sleek and modern design, suitable for gaming setups. The "Hood" branding might suggest a stylish or aggressive aesthetic, typical of gaming-oriented cases.

  2. Form Factor: The case likely supports ATX, Micro-ATX, or Mini-ITX motherboards, which are common in gaming setups. The specific form factor compatibility should be checked to ensure it fits your motherboard.

  3. Size: The size of the case, often measured in dimensions like width, depth, and height, determines its overall footprint and internal space. A gaming case like this one may offer ample space for high-performance components and cooling solutions.

  4. Construction: It's likely made of durable materials such as steel or aluminum to provide structural integrity and support for heavy components like graphics cards and cooling systems.

  5. Cooling Options: Gaming cases often come with multiple fan mounts and support for liquid cooling solutions to keep high-performance components cool during intense gaming sessions.

  6. Expansion Slots: It should feature multiple expansion slots for installing graphics cards, additional storage drives, and other expansion cards.

  7. Front Panel Connectivity: Expect USB ports, audio jacks, and possibly other ports on the front panel for convenient connectivity of peripherals and accessories.

  8. RGB Lighting: Some gaming cases come with built-in RGB lighting systems to enhance the visual appeal of the setup. However, it's not explicitly mentioned in the description, so you'd need to check if it includes any lighting features.

  9. Compatibility: Ensure compatibility with your components, including the motherboard, graphics card, cooling solution, and storage drives.

  10. PSU Compatibility: As indicated in the name, this case does not include a power supply unit (PSU). You'll need to separately purchase and install a compatible PSU based on your power requirements and system configuration.

When purchasing a gaming case like the "Hood Computer Gaming Case Without PSU, Black - C404H," consider these features along with your budget and specific gaming setup requirements.

  • Brand Hood
  • Hardware Type Computer Case
  • Compatible With PC
  • Model Number C 404 H
  • SKU 6973574164390-Porsh










Video Card

Graphic Card



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