Line Interactive pure sine wave ME (S) series UPS ME6K(S) 6000VA / 4800W

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The Line Interactive pure sine wave ME (S) series UPS ME6K(S) 6000VA / 4800W is a robust and reliable Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) system designed to provide seamless power backup and protection for critical equipment in various applications, including data centers, servers, telecommunications equipment, medical devices, and industrial machinery. Here's a breakdown of its features and capabilities:

Line Interactive Design: The UPS employs a line interactive topology, which means it regulates voltage fluctuations and power anomalies while also providing battery backup during outages. This design ensures that connected equipment receives clean and stable power, enhancing their reliability and longevity.

Pure Sine Wave Output: The UPS produces a pure sine wave output, which is essential for ensuring compatibility with sensitive electronic equipment. Pure sine wave power mimics the utility grid, making it suitable for devices with Active Power Factor Correction (PFC) and those sensitive to harmonic distortions. This feature guarantees optimal performance and protection for connected loads.

High Capacity: With a capacity of 6000VA (Volt-Amps) or 4800W (Watts), the ME6K(S) UPS can support a substantial load, making it suitable for medium to large-scale applications. It can power multiple servers, networking equipment, or industrial machinery, providing ample backup time during power outages.

Battery Backup: In the event of a power outage or fluctuation, the UPS seamlessly switches to battery power to keep connected equipment running without interruption. The UPS is equipped with high-quality, maintenance-free batteries that offer reliable backup power when needed. The backup time provided depends on the load and battery capacity.

Automatic Voltage Regulation (AVR): The UPS features AVR technology, which automatically adjusts the incoming voltage to ensure it remains within safe levels. This helps protect connected equipment from voltage sags, surges, and fluctuations, reducing the risk of damage or data loss.

LCD Display and Audible Alarms: The UPS is equipped with an LCD display panel that provides real-time information about the UPS status, battery level, input/output voltage, load capacity, and other vital parameters. Additionally, audible alarms alert users to power problems, battery status, and other critical events, allowing for timely response and troubleshooting.

Communication and Management: The ME6K(S) UPS offers various communication options for remote monitoring and management, including USB, RS-232, SNMP, and EPO (Emergency Power Off). These communication ports enable integration with network management systems, allowing administrators to monitor UPS status, configure settings, and receive notifications remotely.

Safety and Reliability: The UPS complies with industry standards for safety, electromagnetic compatibility (EMC), and performance, ensuring reliable operation and protection for connected equipment. Built-in safety features such as overload protection, short-circuit protection, and automatic shutdown mechanisms further enhance the UPS's reliability and safety.

Overall, the Line Interactive pure sine wave ME (S) series UPS ME6K(S) 6000VA / 4800W offers high-capacity backup power, voltage regulation, and surge protection, making it an ideal solution for critical applications that require reliable power continuity and equipment protection.

Built-in toroidal transformer with high efficiency and low static power consumption.
A short circuit protection setting in the output, so no need to worry about damaging the machine due to misoperation.
The output voltage, the number of battery voltage sections and the charging current are adjustable.
With battery over-discharge protection and battery over-charge protection.
Using CPU design, computer interface, with self-detection function.
The three levels of lightning protection is to protect your equipment around the clock.
Multifunctional alarms.
Super filter function, easy to solve the interference
Departmental servers
Small LAN
Output modified sine wave
Automatic charge in off-mode
Cold start function
Compatible generators
Enterprise Server
Enterprise Lan
High-end servers
Data center room
Precision electronic equipment









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